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This beer is what is now called a ’Mid West’ IPA. This gives us a more malt and balanced beer than the West Coast IPA. We use English base malts and a few slightly toasted malts to increase the colour and maltiness and we designed this beer to be dry and with little mouthfeel.
Hops are unashamedly American (Amarillo, Simcoe and Chinook) but we have not overdone it. The result is a very well balanced and incredibly refrehing beer with low background bitterness with good, but not overpowering, levels of hop aroma.

Abv 5.5%.

Temperature: 4-10°C, as you like it
Food: Shrimp tostadas from Tacos Sinaloa, California
Moment: Watching ’A Star is Born’ (2018) with friends
Music: LShallow – Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper

Availability: Bottle 33 cl, Keykeg 30L
Price: 23.9 kr
Buy: June 2019


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