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This beer is a traditional German lager but we wanted to give it a little ’twist’.
We decided to leave the hops alone so we use traditional Saaz hops from central europe at levels designed not to overwhelm the beer. However we did change the malt bill by using more caramalt to develop a more interesting flavour where you will find notes of bread or knackebröd. The colour is golden and it is crystal clear with low mouth feel and a dry finish.
Our K-Lager is named after our Head Brewer, Kristof, as this is his first design at Beersmiths.

Abv 4.7%.

Temperature: 4-8°C
Food: Schweinshaxe & sauerkraut
Moment: Watching the sunset from Teufelsberg
Music: ’99 Luftballons’ – Nena

Availability: Bottle 33 cl, Keykeg 30L

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