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Cherry Sensation

Cherry Sensation is at heart a Berliner Weisse which is a wheat beer soured using Lactobacillus. Having brewed the wort we let the actobacillus have its way until the beer is really acidic and then we ferment as a normal beer with yeast. When fermentation is nearly finished we then add massive amounts of cherry to get that deep cherry flavour and colour.
Sip and you get the aroma and taste of cherry along with a deep acid kick. A little later you get a hint of uncooked bread dough or sourdough. The beer is high in carbonation and is light in the body. It has no hop aroma as the star of the beer is the acid and the cherry.

Abv 5.8%.

Temperature: 8–10°C
Food: Banana Pancakes with Fresh Cherry Sauce
Moment: Searching Shinjuku Gyoen for that perfect cherry blossom
Music: Buffalo Stance

Availability: Bottle 33 cl, Keykeg 30L
Price: 30.2 kr
Buy: October 2019


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