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Beersmiths is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and was established in 2015 by Dave and Malin Barratt.
Dave, an Englishman, has been a passionate beer brewer for more than 35 years and when the chance came to have their own brewery they embraced it fully.
We believe

that great beers makes life GREAT.
With all those different moments in life, both good
and bad, drinking the right beer simply makes
it more enjoyable.


us to make a wide range of beers in different styles,
both classic and modern.

Whatever the beer is, it will always be great.

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Baked apples 🍏with whipped cream, absolutely delicious and packing all those warm flavors for the holiday season 😋. There are…

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Recipe – Winter Salad

Nothing can match a fresh winter salad 🥗on Christmas day. This beautiful salad can accompany your delicious main course, or…

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