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Retard Beer

Hello There!

Remember that people can lose their judge meant in some situations, and then they might start to throw inspirational quotes and other stupid stuff around. Worst case, it may end up at @saidbyretards . Just sayin’. Bye bye.

Retard Beer is a spin on an Instagram account where people with disabilites create buzz by quoting stupidities, packed as inspirational quotes. The purpose is to counter prejudice against people with disabilities. Retard Beer is a co-lab with GIL (, who since 1989 have been working for a better society for people with disabilities. Thanks for your support. Read more at:

A New England style IPA. We use Mosaic and Citra, added at many different times, so you may find aromas of tropical fruit, lime, blueberry and maybe even bubble gum and rose. This New England IPA is a pale beer that is hazy to cloudy to look at, refreshing yet with high mouthfeel and a high hop aroma.

Abv 6.1%.

Availability: Bottle 33 cl, Keykeg 30L
Price: 35 kr

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