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Lemongrass & Tea Pale Ale

This beer is a ‘single batch beer’ designed and brewed by our Head Brewer, Kristof. It is an American style pale ale, so light in colour and with a low malt profile. Chinook hops were used through brewing but at relatively low levels as this beer is not about the hops. Russian Earl Grey tea, with some lemon and orange peel, was added to get a background zingy tea flavour. We then added lemongrass to get those distinctive tangy aromas and tastes, but in balance of course.

Abv 5.5%.

Temperature: 7–9°C
Food: Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken
Moment: Watching the Hoi An Lantern Festival
Music: Lạc trôi (Drifting in Mind)

Availability: Bottle 33 cl, Keykeg 30L
Buy: November 2019

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