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Recipe – Gravad Lax

Cured salmon ?is a wonderful Christmas table tradition, and a technique that dates back to the 1300s ?. It’s an easy side dish that brightens up any meal with deep color and flavor. Serve with knäckebröd, creme fraiche+honey+dijon blend and a balanced IPA. ??

Ingredients (serves 6):

500g Fresh ECO Salmon
2,5 msk Salt
3 msk Sugar
1 msk White Peppercorns
1,5 tsk Coriander Seeds
Olive Oil
Fresh Dill

Curing Instructions:
Roughly crush the peppercorns and coriander seeds with a pestle and mortar. Mix this with the salt and the sugar. Cut the salmon in two equally sized pieces. Brush each piece with olive oil, then spread over the salt/sugar mixture evenly. Sandwich the pieces of salmon with fresh dill in between them, then wrap tightly in a freezer bag. Place that lovely package on a plate and into the fridge. Allow the salmon to cure for 24hrs, then slice thinly and enjoy with hovmästarsås or your own blend of creme fraiche, honey and dijon. This dish pairs perfectly with a balanced IPA. ??

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