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Coloring Book

Whether you are stuck at home 🏠, or just need to escape for a while 🚀, download these coloring pages for hours of coloring fun. Adults can color too! ✏️🎨🍻 Download here...

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Out to Lunch Six Pack

Out to Lunch is a single batch Imperial Milk Stout. It is a delicious beer with that characteristic milk stout sweetness and smoothness from the addition of lactose. Dark, thick and luscious with a complex maltiness from the mix of…

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Recipe – Slow Baked Apples

Baked apples 🍏with whipped cream, absolutely delicious and packing all those warm flavors for the holiday season 😋. There are a couple of steps to making this dessert, but the result is more than worth it. Sumptuous, soft, sweet, sour,…

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Recipe – Winter Salad

Nothing can match a fresh winter salad 🥗on Christmas day. This beautiful salad can accompany your delicious main course, or can act as the main course itself 😋. Perfect to brighten up any Christmas table, and pairs perfectly with a…

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Recipe – Gravad Lax

Cured salmon 🐟is a wonderful Christmas table tradition, and a technique that dates back to the 1300s 🤺. It’s an easy side dish that brightens up any meal with deep color and flavor. Serve with knäckebröd, creme fraiche+honey+dijon blend and…

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Recipe – Knäckebröd

Bread 🍞is a must for any family meal, and knäckebröd has been a Swedish 🇸🇪tradition for hundreds of years. Add a few modern baking techniques 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳, and you have a super tasty, crispy bread that everyone will crunch down with…

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